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The Producers Corner with Kool Nerd,  Supa Mario and Tre' airs live on Monday nights at 7:00pm central. On The Producers Corner we discuss many production topics from online marketing to mixing and sometimes even producer or artist interviews.. Any Producer interested in getting interviewed send all music to and also tell us a little about your career how you got started etc. Artists or Producers join the site also check out the site for the radio show

Paul Wall Visits The Producers Corner 

Tony Dofat formally of Bad Boy Hits The Producers Corner

Jet Life Fiend AKA International Jones stops by the Producers Corner

Saint Joe from Sounds & Gear Stops By The Producers Corner

Traumah From returns to the Producers Corner 

Vote for the winner in week 1 of the Producers Corner with Dee Dot beat battle on icebreaker radio

Producers Corner with Skot Frii, he previews 2 new tracks off his upcoming album called Bubbles everywhere and Who am I?

Any Producers Looking To Get Interviewed email me at also check out the icebreaker radio site for podcasts and more show info.

 Icebreaker Radio Part 1 and 2 of D-DOT's Producers Corner Show- Guests Postman & Traumah of &

Rych Muzik on Dee Dot's Producers Corner

Boome on the Icebreaker Radio's Producers Corner With D-DOT

Icebreaker Radio Producers Corner with D-DOT guest The R.L. aka Roberto Flack.

Cennsational Music hits the Producers Corner with Dee Dot

Icebreaker Radio present D-DOT's Producers Corner with D-DOT guest Boo Boo Cousins
D-DOT's Producers Corner with guest KingIDivine

Arlene Culpepper & Taylor B join us from Heat Magazine

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